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The spaces and contours between your teeth and along the gumline can sometimes trap plaque and food particles. If you fail to thoroughly brush your teeth every morning and night, or if you forget to floss at least once per day, bacterial deposits can start to accumulate in these areas.

In a relatively brief amount of time, the bacteria and the plaque in your mouth will create acids which will increase your chances of tooth decay, and the plaque will enhance your chances of getting gum disease. Finding the type of dental floss that you like best will help keep encouraged to floss every day. This is an essential first step in preventing periodontal health problems. Unwaxed dental floss is simply a plain strand of monofilament or micro-braided nylon. Some oral hygiene product manufacturers will apply flavor additive, but many also sell it plain. Waxed dental floss has a special coating that can your help insert the dental floss into tight places. It can be especially helpful if you have tight teeth or you are struggling to floss around dental work.

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