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Do you know what bruxism is? Bruxism is an oral health condition that is commonly seen in individuals of all ages. It is frequently found in individuals with anxiety, as bruxism is the result of grinding, gnashing, and gnawing your teeth against one another as you sleep. In some instances, bruxism takes place unconsciously while you’re awake.

Treating bruxism begins by noticing signs and symptoms that may arise in your oral health. Although it can be difficult to detect symptoms of bruxism, as many of them take place while you sleep, speak with someone who can. This includes talking to sleep partners or roommates to determine if they have ever heard any irregularities while you sleep, including loud snoring or audible grinding of your teeth.

When you wake up, check to see if you have any signs of earaches, jaw pain, jaw soreness, or extreme tooth sensitivity. These are all signs that bruxism may be occurring while you sleep. Furthermore, check to see if your teeth look flat, worn, chipped or loose. In addition, a lockjaw, indentations in your tongue, previous diagnoses of sleep apnea or TMJ, and damage to the inside of your cheeks are all symptoms of bruxism.

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