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Taking care of your teeth during Halloween is of the utmost importance. Everything you can do to keep your teeth safe will raise the likelihood that your smile will last throughout this season and many seasons to come. Follow these steps to keep your smile safe this Halloween:

– Limit or eliminate sugary treats and acidic foods that can easily damage your tooth enamel.
– Limit or eliminate hard candy or hard treats that can chip and crack your teeth, including candy apples, popcorn balls, and popcorn kernels.
– The longer that candy is exposed to your teeth, the longer the rate at which tooth decay can occur.
– Limit snacking to specific times of the day and be sure to include it as part of larger meals.
– Avoid chewy or sticky candy that can stick to your teeth and gums long after consumption.
– Don’t forget to get rid of all candy after Halloween to avoid snacking on it for many weeks to come.
– Consider employing a trade-in program with your child to exchange their candy for money, toys, or other rewards as an alternative to the sweets.
– Don’t forget about extra oral health care treatments and procedures. For additional care, you can visit your dentist for oral examinations and professional cleanings.

Be sure your teeth can enjoy Halloweens for a lifetime. To make an appointment with Dr. Jacqueline S. Reid, please contact us at 973.635.9456, or stop by our office in Chatham, New Jersey.
From all of us at Jacqueline S. Reid DDS, have a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween!