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As you probably know, most people consider a bright smile attractive. Similarly, you probably understand that there are several things you’ll need to do if you’re interested in keeping your mouth healthy. Still, would be surprised to learn that a healthy smile can also make your body healthier.

If you have subpar oral health, you might eventually find yourself with diabetes. If you ever have an infection in your mouth, you could experience inflammation. This inflammation may also lead to a strong reaction, which might ultimately impair your ability to use insulin. Still, even if your body does produce insulin correctly, inflammation may also cause high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, heart issues are also associated with poor oral health. Sadly, inflammation may actually be the reason for this problem. You see, blood vessels in your heart may constrict while your body is trying to fight off inflammation. Sadly, this can lead to hypertension and could leave you more vulnerable to a heart attack.

Still, if your oral health isn’t as great as it could be, you could have to deal with a number of other issues. For example, people who lose one of their teeth before they turn 35 may be more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s. Other studies indicate that there is a connection between your oral health and osteoporosis. Your mouth may also leave you more vulnerable to autoimmune disorders.

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