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Dental bridges, also frequently referred to as fixed partial dentures, are extremely beneficial tooth replacement procedures designed to assist your smile by installing an artificial prosthetic. Through the use of a dental bridge, you can complete your smile by attaching the bridge to the space where missing and lost teeth once were. The bridge then links and attaches to nearby or neighboring teeth.

Building up your smile with dental bridges is essential to ensure your oral health care runs as smoothly as it needs to. If you have any missing or lost teeth, it can lead to severe oral ailments including a buildup of plaque in the areas left behind by missing teeth. Because the spaces can become havens for bacterial buildup, it is essential to have your smile restored with a complete set of teeth once again.

If you have been thinking about tooth replacement treatments, it is important to think about which oral health care services will best benefit you. Although dentures are highly effective, they are only temporary treatments and will need to be removed every day for daily cleaning. In addition, dental implants require an extremely strong jaw in order for them to be placed directly in your jaw bone. However dental bridges are cemented to nearby and neighboring teeth and provided you with the aesthetics your smile deserves.

If you have any hindrances due to missing teeth, including lost functionalities with chewing, eating, or speech impediments, it is essential to have the missing teeth replaced with a dental bridge. Dental bridges can restore lost functions and can even improve bite stability and help with space maintenance between teeth.

Don’t let your smile get left behind without first visiting with us to discuss dental bridge replacements. If you would like to book an exam for dental bridge replacements with Dr. Jacqueline S. Reid and the rest of our team at Jacqueline S. Reid DDS, you are welcome to call our dentist office at 973.635.9456 for an appointment in Chatham, New Jersey.