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Mouthwash can do more for your teeth than give you fresh breath. In fact, mouthwash has many outstanding benefits that can help your gums and teeth stay in pristine oral health. Unfortunately, mouthwash is often skipped in many oral hygiene routines.

Our dentist, Dr. Jacqueline S. Reid in Chatham, New Jersey, encourages you to keep your oral hygiene habits in tip-top shape to keep your smile healthy. That is why our team is happy to share with you this list of information so that you can have a healthy, beautiful smile.

-Did you know there are two types of mouthwash that are common in dentistry? They are known as therapeutic mouthwash and cosmetic mouthwash.

-Whereas therapeutic mouthwash is used to help treat oral health risks, cosmetic mouthwash is merely designed to freshen breath and cover up issues associated with halitosis.

-Therapeutic mouthwash can be effective in reducing and preventing gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease.

-Once plaque hardens in your mouth, it becomes a substance known as tartar. Therapeutic mouthwash can slow the speed of tartar formation.

-Mouthwash can sometimes contain teeth whitening ingredients to help remove stains and discolorations on your teeth.

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