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Did you hear of the new way to floss your teeth? If you don’t like traditional dental floss string, then water flossers may be ideal for you! Water flossers are not an alternative to brushing but can be seen as a different way to floss your teeth by avoiding the use of traditional dental string.

Our dentist, Dr. Jacqueline S. Reid, is happy to help you with your oral health care concerns. That is why our team in Chatham, New Jersey, is excited to share with you information on water flossers and how they can benefit you.

– The water to floss your teeth is a substitute to the traditional string of dental floss that goes around your fingers to floss your teeth. This option is excellent for those with coordination concerns or doesn’t like dental string.
– Water flossers can also be useful for those with dental crowns, orthodontic aligners, dentures, and dental bridges. That is why water flossers are an excellent way to help keep your oral health clean and in top-notch shape.
– Water flossers can reach between your teeth and deep along your gumline using a steady beam of water that can clean the areas your toothbrush can’t, and wash away plaque, food particles and bacteria from your smile.

If you have questions about flossing or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today at 973.635.9456 to make an appointment. Our dental team at Jacqueline S. Reid DDS is thrilled to help you with any of your oral health concerns.