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You know that there are a number of things you should try to do if you’re interested in keeping your teeth strong and healthy, but did you know that root canal therapy may be something you should consider? If you don’t get root canal therapy for a tooth that has an infected root, or extensive decay, or if your tooth has experienced trauma, it is likely that the tooth could die. If this tooth is not treated, your only option could become extracting the tooth and having it replaced. Fortunately, root canal therapy has come a long way in recent years.

In fact, did you know that these dental instruments have actually improved over the last few years? In fact, these tools have become more precise, flexible, and thinner than they have been in the past. In other words, our dental team will be able to perform your treatment more quickly and efficiently with these improved dental tools. X-Rays, for use as dental tools, have also improved. These dental tools will let our dentist see if your tooth has been cleared of all decay. This will also make your dental treatment more comfortable.

Yet, even though root canal therapy is necessary for infected teeth, preventing the need for this treatment is definitely preferable. You can usually prevent this treatment simply by brushing and flossing your teeth at home on a daily basis—though we also recommend that you schedule regular appointments with our dentist. Generally, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us twice a year.

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